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Almost any asset can provide meaningful support for charitable causes. Contact Bob Ellis at 920-830-1290 ext. 22 or to learn more about the many ways to start or add to a charitable fund.

Give Now

Cash - An easy transaction by check, cash or credit card.

Securities - Stocks, bonds or mutuals funds, especially appreciated stock.

Real estate - Save on capital gains; give land, vacation property, investment property.

Personal property - Art, antiques or collectibles can be used for giving. 

Business interests - Partial ownership in a business asset.

IRA - Roll over an IRA as a charitable gift. (New legislation approved in Dec. 2015 for transfers completed in 2015 and future years.) 

Give Later

Bequest - Make the community one of your heirs through a will or trust.

Charitable remainder trust - Receive income for life and leave what's left to charity.

Charitable lead trust - Give to charity now and leave what's left to family.

Insurance policy - Give an unneeded policy or name your fund as first or second beneficiary.

Charitable gift annuity - Make income while directing a gift to a favorite charity through your estate.

Life Estate - Give your house to charity but continue to live there.

Retirement assets - Use tax-deferred retirement plans to do your charitable giving 


Decide to give: Use this checklist to help determine the giving solution that's best for you.

Memorial gift
Remember a loved one with support for a charity dear to him or her.

Himebaugh Legacy Circle
Join those who have chosen to leave a legacy for favorite charitable causes.

Friends of the Foundation
Support the overall operations of the Community Foundation.